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The Milwaukee Book Exchange

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All Members , Moderated
Have too many books lying around?
Need some new reads?

Then the Milwakee Book Exchange is the place for you!

Post books that you are willing to part with, and let other community members take them off your hands.

Community guidelines:

*Please only offer books that you are sure you want to get rid of. It's not fair to give a book away only to ask for it back later.

*Arrange the actual exchange any way you want, whether it be a pick-up, drop-off, meeting in a public place, or shipping.

*With every offer, please post your preffered method of exchange.

*Please post your location- NOT YOUR ADDRESS- with every offer. (ex. "located in Riverwest")

*The moderator is NOT responsible for any mishaps that may take place during an exchange.

If you have any questions, feel free to email the group moderator.