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Is Anybody Home?

Hullo. I'm interested in finding an active book exchange here in Milwaukee. It doesn't seem like there's a whole lot of action here so, are there any cafes and/or bookshops in Milwaukee that have book exchanges? If not, does anyone know of any that may be willing to start one if an initial 'library' were built?

Here's hoping!

Two up for grabs.

My Several Worlds: A Personal Record -- Pearl S Buck
"None of her books- nor indeed all of them combined- provides so vast a canvas as this record of her own experiences. The span in time is from her childhood in China and the Boxer Rebellion, to her dramatic escape from the Communists, to our own nuclear age."

Whole Child/Whole Parent -- Polly Berrien Berends
Filled with "practical information for new parents", this book deals with truth, communication, spirit, happiness, unity, etc.

More coming soon.


My bookshelves are terribly overcrowded, so I think I'll finally take the plunge and post here
Located in North Prairie, but often wander out to Brookfield, and work in West Allis
These are used paperbacks unless otherwise stated.

What I have:
  • Alten, Steve - Meg
  • Anderson, Poul - Beyond the Beyond (Hardcover)
  • Anderson, Poul - The Stars are Also Fire
  • Clancy, Tom - Clear and Present Danger
  • Clancy, Tom - Debt of Honor
  • Clancy, Tom - Op-Center
  • Clancy, Tom - Op-Center Mirror Image
  • Clancy, Tom - Red Storm Rising
  • Clancy, Tom - The Sum of All Fear
  • Clavell, James - Noble House (Hardcover)
  • Clarke, Arthur C. - Against the Fall of Night
  • Clarke, Arthur C. - A Fall of Moondust
  • Clarke, Arthur C. - The Fountains of Paradise
  • Clarke, Arthur C. - Imperial Earth
  • Cook, Robin - Coma
  • Cook, Robin - Harmful Intent
  • Cook, Robin - Mutation
  • Grisham, John - The Pelican Brief (This one is new, but with a nicked up cover)
  • Kelly, James Patrick - Wildlife (Hardcover)
  • Saul, John - Guardian (Hardcover)
  • Saul, John - The Homing (Hardcover)
  • Saul, John - The Presence (ummm...kinda oversized paperback)
  • Steinbeck, John - The Grapes of Wrath

What I'm looking for:
  • Terry Pratchett
  • Margaret Weis
  • Dragonlance novels - I can probably be tempted with other fantasy novels too.
Good Milk

New me.. knew me?

Hi, this is what I got:

Slave to Fashion (cute, if you want some light, fluffy chick reading)
Silver Ravenwolf's: To Ride a Silver Broomstick
Teen Witch
JK Rowling: The Wizard Behind Harry Potter
Caroline B. Cooney: The Vampire's Promise
Phillip DePoy: The Devil's Hearth (like new, never read)
A Color Guide to Yoga
A Series of Unfortunate Events vol. 1 and 2
Why is the Stanley Cup in Mario Limieux's Swimming Pool?
Heroes of the Dawn: Celtic Myth
A bunch of French books

this is what I want:
Terry Pratchett Books
Anything on Robert F. Scott's expedition
Anything covering leopard geckos
Les Liasons Dangereuses
V.I. Lenin: What Is to Be Done?
Althusser: Lenin and Philosophy and Other Essays
Karl Marx: the Communist Manifesto
K. Marx: Karl Marx: Selected Writings
Galileo: Dialogues Concerning Two New Sciences
Anything by Flannery O'Connor

First post.

Thanks to everyone who has joined so far.

I will start off.


*Mother of Pearl by Melinda Hayes
Back of book reads: "Capturing all the rueful irony and racial ambivalience of small-town Mississippi in the 1950s, Melinda Hayes celebrated novel is a wholly unforgettable exploration of family, identity, and redemption. Mother of Pearl revolved around twenty-eight year old Even Grade, a black man who grew up an orphan, and Valuable Korner, the fifteen-year-old white daighter of the town whore and an unknown father....A startlingly accomplished mixture of beauty, mystery, and tragedy, mother of pearl marks the debut of an extrodinary literary talent."

*Perv- A Love Story
Back of Book: "Set in 1970, in the last dark days of hippiedom, Perv- A Love Story is the saga of Bobby Stark, a sixteen-year-old batch of desire and angst struggling to stay sane in a world gone Day-Glo..."

Both are in obviously-used condition.

Located in Riverwest, pick-up at my house or I will meet you somewhere close by.